Buy GP Child Safety & Survival Kit

Keep your children safe in AND outside the home...

The GP Child Safety Kit contains 3 retro-reflective and photo luminescent strips backed with durable 3M® adhesive – perfect for putting on: Bicycles, bike helmets and pads • Backpacks • Coats & Jackets
• Skateboards and more!

The 3M Reflective Scotchlite™ coating flares up when hit by headlights and flashlights while the photo luminescent vinyl glows brightly after being exposed to light for a short time!

The kit also includes 2 Board Brite Glow Strips perfect for customizing skateboards, bicycles and more.

For safety and convenience indoors, we've included 4 light switch locators which gently glow and night marking the location of the switches and an After-Lite Crystal Energy Cell which attaches to a standard CFL bulb and acts as a soothing night-light and also allows your child to move safely about the room without turning the lights on...

All this for just $29.00