Buy the Energy-Free Pathway Markers


Emergency energy-free pathway markers are 2” x 4” aluminum-based rectangles utilizing high-grade photo luminescent crystals to provide a lighted pathway. The markers absorb daylight, even on cloudy days, then release a glow at night which is long-lasting, high in durability, and maintenance-free. Attach the EFPM’s to most any surface permanently with the use of any industrial adhesive. They can be placed flat or attached to a wall.

The EFPM’s have been acid-tested in a 21% sulfuric acid bath at 150°F without any degradation. They can also withstand being driven over daily by heavy equipment. EFPM’s are an economical and environmentally sound way to provide a lighted path for years to come with no additional cost once installed.  Since there is no electrical wiring or bulbs, no further maintenance action is required in the future.

each set of 10 is $25.99

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